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Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Join our team and help us support victims of domestic violence and sexual assault as we "Walk A Mile In Her Shoes®"

Team Members:
Total Raised$3,290.00  
General Team Donation$200.00  
Preston Elliot$0.00  
   Christopher Brouse$30.00  
   Ryan Brown$50.00  
   Rob Coates$30.00  
   Keith Conley$660.00  
   Ron Coqueron$80.00  
   John Dellangelo$200.00  
   Mike DeVito$50.00  
   Shawn Dougherty$125.00  
   Joseph Federer$50.00  
   John Hedrick$40.00  
   Nicholas Hedrick$40.00  
   jeffrey hoag$30.00  
   Gary Johnstone$30.00  
   Mike Kelly$30.00  
   Joseph Knoble$30.00  
   Rebecca Letizia$50.00  
   John Ling$125.00  
   Karl Luecke$40.00  
   John Masserini$700.00  
   Chad Matthews$70.00  
   Madeline Matthews$30.00  
   Nick Mcllwain$0.00  
   Bill Meakim$30.00  
   Steve Morrison$0.00  
   Michael Nearey$30.00  
   Amber Ransom$30.00  
   Mary Lynn Renner$30.00  
   Joseph Roesner$65.00  
   David Sibley$50.00  
   Chuck Snyder$30.00  
   Emma Snyder$30.00  
   William Stevens$165.00  
   Hugh Wynne$30.00  
   Kerry Wynne$30.00  

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